Men as Allies Program

It’s time

Men are 50% of the equation, but there needs to be a more active, central and consistent role for men at our table—the table where we discuss and discover solutions together.

But this is far from an easy process. It means we need to reanalyze gender roles, identify and accept privilege or lack thereof, open up to discussion and be diligent.

As a core priority of Women 2.0 for 2017 and 2018, and with our Allies Committee, we’re pushing forward initiatives that are constructive, productive and supportive.

Goals and process

We’re of the school of thought that becoming a true ally requires a lot of serious work both externally and internally.

With that, we focus on personal and self-reflection, awareness-building, action and impact, and, finally, advocacy.


We accomplish these goals through:

Education: Content, workshops, training, etc for men at all levels, inside and outside the workplace.

Amplification: Issues awareness and support a network of experts in allyship and grassroots initiatives.

Community: Focused discussions and events, including alignment with various United Nations initiatives on the issue.

How you can support our work

Our Allies work is almost entirely a labor of love, and it takes an immense amount of deep work. This type of programming can only exist through ongoing corporate sponsorship. This allows us to support the execution of not only our work, but the work of our partners. If your company would like to align itself with us, and ideally work alongside us in this effort, we would love to talk.

Additionally, we’ll be looking for regional partners to help with the development of the ecosystem as we move forward.

Please email if you’re interested in further information.

Proceedings from some of our work: