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Free Tickets To Lean Startup Machine (May 25-27 In San Francisco)

Learn how you can win a free ticket to the Lean Startup Machine below! By Angeline Tan (Coordinator, Lean Startup Machine)

An intensive educational workshop, Lean Startup Machine (May 25-27, 2012 in San Francisco, CA) is where entrepreneurs and innovators learn how to build solutions customers want. You’ll learn and experience more in 3 days than most do in 6 months.

Your ultimate success is not contingent on your original “idea”. Groupon started as a platform for group social activism, YouTube started as a dating site, PayPal started for Palm Pilot payments. It’s not as important where you start, only that you start now.

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Minimizing Risk In Entrepreneurship: Pattern Recognition, Iteration

Risk minimization leverages pattern recognition, pattern iteration and pattern replication. By Larry Chiang (CEO, Duck9 & Stanford University EIR)

I have this theory that risk can be nearly eliminated.

I mentor academically smart female engineers to also be street smart. Street smart used to imply shady.

In this Women 2.0 blog post, it means compression of massive experience via pattern recognition that leads to pattern replication and pattern iteration.

Every street smart maneuver you have heard me do

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Women Make Friends, Men Make Business

Business networking interactions are intended to result in business! By Rania Anderson (Co-Founder, Women's Capital Connection)

One of the most cited and real barriers to women’s professional and business success relates to networking: not enough, not the right type, and not enough access. The other problem some women have is how they interact at networking events.

When I observe women (myself included) at networking events globally and coach women about networking, I most often see and hear women exhibit almost a singular focus on connecting with people and building relationships, practically at the expense of getting referrals and doing business.

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Can Tech Companies Continue To Innovate With No Women At The Table?

Having women at the boardroom table or as executives can significantly increase companies' profits. By Allyson Kapin (Founder, Women Who Tech)

Women dominate social networks, according to the latest Nielsen report. This is not news. Women have been ruling social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and social gaming platforms for the past few years. Women also bring in half or more of the income in 55% of U.S. households. And women ages 50 and older control a net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth, according to MassMutual Financial Group. Simply put, women are influential and drive the economy.

Yet when it comes to the boards of directors

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Kleiner Perkins And Sequoia Fund $6.5M Round For Cross-Device Ad Targeter Drawbridge

This article has been syndicated from TechCrunch. By Anthony Ha (Writer, TechCrunch)

When two of the biggest names in venture capital (arguably still the biggest) both invest in a startup, you know it’s probably time to take notice. So yes, take notice: A cross-device ad targeting startup called Drawbridge has raised a $6.5 million Series A from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital.

The company was founded in November 2010 by Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, a scientist at AdMob and then, after the acquisition, at Google. Sivaramakrishnan says she started the company because she saw the proliferation

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Technovation Challenge’s Emilie Robert Wong Encourages Girls To “Hammer Up!”

"Technovation recognizes that technology needs the talents of both men and women." By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

Emilie is currently a high school junior in San Francisco. Since winning the first Technovation Challenge, Emilie Robert Wong has developed three more apps (two for Michelle Obama's Healthy Kids initiative and one with an ecology theme), interned at two tech startups and is currently working for LocAid.

She was a Technovation TA and is the founding president of the Technovation Club at her high school in San Francisco. Emilie received the Bay Area "Aspirations in Computing" award this year.

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Why Would A Geek Girl Want To Attend TiECon?

Entrepreneurship is perfect for women - whether single or married, with or without children! Here's why. By Gargi Nalawade (Founder & CEO, Sepalz)

Successes such as Instagram have the whole developer community up in restless excitement. At least 2 developers approached me the day the Instagram acquisition was announced.

"I'd like to talk to you about becoming an entrepreneur," one said.

"I'd like to know how exactly to become an entrepreneur and what it takes," said another.

Looking at Instagram and the 12 people team that made millions in a few months is giving them a rush.

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500 Startup’s Newest Class Includes 9 Women-Led Startups

Mountain View-based accelerator/incubator 500 Startups adds 15 women entrepreneurs to the family. By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

27 startups were announced as the 500 Startups spring class. 9 have a woman on the founding team (33%). Not bad!

500 Startups partner Christine Tsai blogged yesterday: "They came from districts afar – Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Slovenia, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Philippines, China, Austin, NYC, DC, Chicago. For the next 3 months, these 27 startups will fight to gain customers, revenue, and investor dollars. Welcome to the 4th Annual FUNDING GAMES." Watch the FUNDING GAMES video here.

Here are the 15 female founders currently contending

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Entrepreneurs Under 25 (The Young And The Relentless)

"I don't give up. I'm definitely meant to be an entrepreneur," said entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh. By Karin Kamp (Director of Digital Media, The Story Exchange)

At a time of high levels of youth joblessness - the latest U.S. figures show that the unemployment rate for workers under 25 is over 16% - some are betting that the best chance for finding a job, is creating one.

Over the past month, The Story Exchange has been interviewing young women who have started their own businesses to understand how they've came so far, so fast.

What we found is a group who are fearless in the face of uncertainty and simply propel themselves forward without over thinking the obstacles.

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Lynn Ponder And Maria Fischer: The Face Of Latina Entrepreneurs

Latina entrepreneurs on what it takes for Hispanic businesses to make it in today’s competitive landscape. By Maria Botta (Contributor, Latin Business Today)

I had the great pleasure of interviewing two bright and unique Latina business owners in very different industries. The first, Lynn Ponder founded Peliculas Ponder and most recently a social media venture called webcitygirls//.

The second is Maria Fischer the CEO and Founder of Bientech International, a technical, scientific and professional services solutions provider for national and international customers in defense, government, commercial and academic sectors.

Lynn Ponder recommends, work hard, know

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Mentorship From Silicon Valley Techies Encourages High School Girls To Dream Bigger

How mentoring a team of underserved high school girls affected a Silicon Valley techie. By Harini Sridharan (Senior Strategist, Rosetta)

Let me start with a statistic that some of you might already know: While women make 47% of the U.S. workforce, only 5% of startups are owned by women. And here’s another: In 2010, only 2.4% of the U.S. Fortune 500 chief executives were female.

I am a techie. We, in the field, love numbers. We ooh and aah at statistics. Our presentations are decorated with them.

But there are stories and experiences behind these numbers that are the real deal. Numbers are just a way of summarizing these experiences to a 140-character paced audience.

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Founder Friday Madrid: “Each Founder Friday Edition Is Better Than The Last”

Founder Friday has been consolidated in Madrid as the reference event in the technological entrepreneurs. By Begoña Miguel (Co-Founder, Ellas 2.0)

Despite rain and the holidays, the entrepreneurs of Madrid arrived on time for their May Founder Friday. The wide net of Founder Friday Madrid contacts grows every day and is the sort of event that any entrepreneur should't miss. In addition, Founder Friday Madrid has a spirit that makes it different and unique respect to other events of networking in the city.

Many things are different in Founder Friday Madrid - the main one being the energy that is generated during the event and the end knowledge to be building something great between all.

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Sketchnotes From The Launch Of Founder Friday San Diego

“Find your tech founder bud, share and learn” - Founder Friday host and TapHunter founder Melani Gordon. By Anne McColl (Principal, The Best D@mn Copywriter)

Over 100 San Diego women turned out for the launch of Founder Friday in San Diego. It was held in the garden atrium in the offices of sponsor Procopio overlooking downtown San Diego and the harbor.

Adriana Herrera, Founder and CEO of Fashioning Change, and Melani Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of TapHunter, were our hosts. They both echoed the similar theme of the importance of community and finding mentors.

Adriana mentioned how her mentors challenged her to think even bigger, “Any idea you have can be ten times bigger.” Melani shared how important it was to find other tech founders

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The Secret Behind Winning The Singularity University Global Impact Competition

It is about persevering and never giving up. Any woman can do it if she cares about something. By Priszcilla Várnagy (Co-Founder & CEO, Be-novative)

How can we improve the lives of at least 1 million people and the standard of living — health, education, and security — in the next 3 years through the use of any kind of exponentially improving technology in the Central Eastern Europe & Southern Eastern Europe region?

This was the question raised by Singularity University, lead by Rob Nail and jointly founded by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis and Dr. Ray Kurzweil based at the NASA Research Park campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. I represented the Be-novative team and won the competition and the scholarship.

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Founder Friday Santiago De Chile: Focus, Consistency, Passion

"I am a digital fan, but I'm more a fan of my family," said Marta Cruz, Friday Founder Santiago de Chile. By Marta Cruz (Co-Founder, Nextperience & NXTP Labs)

Focus, consistency and passion are the three main ingredients to make a dream come true, and if we add imagination, courage and commitment, we will be able to grow and develop both at personal and professional level.

Considering that "an entrepreneur is someone who goes through life and suddenly detects a situation that he does not like or an unsolved problem and develops an idea to solve it", we may say that it all starts with a great deal of imagination that leads to what we call "idea" - an idea which you are passionate for and obsessed with

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